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  1. Held in alternate years, Pest-Protect broke more new ground with the show moving to the north German city of Bremen. Virtually without exception all those we spoke to enjoyed the show and said it was worth attending, but maybe not for the reasons planned by the organisers...
  2. The use of drones has quickly become an accepted part of the pest controllers’ armoury – but mainly for surveying activities. Ever inventive, Italian manufacturer, Bleu Line, has taken this one step further forward – for the commercial application of public health products, notably for mosquito control.
  3. All pest management events, wherever they are in the world, have one thing in common; they provide information and lots of it! The key points we gleaned from the seminar programme were: bed bugs and flat pack furniture are a challenging combination, sewer baiting in Germany is getting harder, but, at least, the Germans still try to control sewer rats and BASF have an interesting alternative rodenticide, if only the regulators would approve it!
  4. There was an interesting mix of stories in our 2017 hit parade. The clear winner, in terms of number of page views, was from back in January when we announced that that Rentokil had purchased Cannon. It should come as no surprise that the rest of the public health pest control sector keeps a close eye on its biggest player and this was, after all, a big deal for the UK market.
  5. The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) has announced that Ian Andrew has been appointed as its new chief executive, effective 1 February 2018.