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  1. Guidelines for online sales of anticoagulant rodenticide products have been updated for recently introduced smaller packs and lower active ingredient levels in products for general public use. All such rodenticides must now be lower than 30ppm of active ingredient. For wax block formulations, maximum packs sizes are now 100g for mouse baits and 300g for […]
  2. The National Bee Unit has confirmed a sighting of the Asian hornet in the Bury area of Lancashire. It was spotted by a member of the public in an item of food, which has since been traced back to Boston. The Asian hornet is smaller than our native hornet and poses no greater risk to […]
  3. Farmers, gamekeepers and pest controllers are being encouraged to undertake knowledge updates to maintain their professional competence in the use of stewardship-label rodenticides. In its response to UK Rodenticide Stewardship’s 2017 annual report, the Government panel that oversees the regime says continuing professional development (CPD) is particularly important. “Management of environmental risks relies on high […]
  4. Three small dogs are at the centre of the final phase of the world’s largest project to eradicate invasive species.  Terriers Wai, Will and Ahu have joined a team of 16 humans deployed by the South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT) to conduct a monitoring survey of the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia for signs […]
  5. Introducing Sakarat® D Liquid Bait, the only liquid rodenticide bait formulation for use by professional pest control in the UK. Exclusively available from Killgerm, Sakarat® D Liquid Bait is a completely new formulation which is ready to use, saving you significantly more time and reducing the risk of spillages. Sakarat® D Liquid Bait contains water, […]