Списание «PEST» - независими новини за пест контрол специалисти

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  1. Held for the very first time in the northern city of Milan, the sixth Italian Disinfestando exhibition, held on 6 & 7 March, proved a rip-roaring success. Not only were the number of exhibition stands up, so were the number of delegates.
  2. Hockley International is celebrating the highly positive response the company has had to their new broad-spectrum professional insecticide, Mostyn PTP 15 ULV. They invite you to come and see them at PestEx to discuss this product, just one of which makes up their professional product range.
  3. Italy continues to have a strong manufacturing base of home-grown public health pest control specialists. With a major presence at the Italian flagship event Bleu Line - B.L. group is one such company. Whilst traditional insecticides and rodenticides continue to be important, innovative and greener products are opening up new opportunities. Key among these, as Giovanni Bazzocchi, co-owner and export sales director explains, is the novel mosquito product, Aquatain AMF
  4. Andrew Milner joined Pelsis as the company’s CEO on 4 March. This followed the sudden departure of previous CEO, Peter Mangion, a matter of days earlier.
  5. It was a very full house for the rodent control session held on Thursday 7 March, day two of Disinfestando 2019 in Milan. The high attendance level was proof, if it was needed, of the importance of rodent control and the desire among pest professionals across Europe for information on what can and can’t be done to combat infestations.