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  1. Pest controllers will be somewhat surprised to discover that there are to be quite significant changes to the label covering both, the range of insects covered, and the method of use for the popular insecticide dust, Ficam D.
  2. The most popular article by quite some distance on the Pest website in 2018 was the story that we broke in October 2018 that Rentokil was buying Mitie Pest Control. In a repeat of 2017, the acquisition activities of Rentokil continue to fascinate pest professionals.
  3. Croydon-based Cleankill has expanded its reach along the M4 corridor with the acquisition of Bristol-based Good Riddance Pest Control. The purchase was completed on 30 November 2018.
  4. Running for three full days, Parasitec held from 14-16 November at the Paris Event Centre broke its own previous attendance record. Virtually without exception, visitors and exhibitors alike declared it a great success and it proved an ideal way to conclude this year’s round of exhibitions.
  5. It was all go on the joint Bleu Line - BL Group and Spray Team stand during the three days of Parasitec. Customers were keen to review the new environmentally-friendly products on display.