Списание «PEST» - независими новини за пест контрол специалисти

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  1. Few pest controllers could be unaware that Natural England revoked the three general licences for controlling wild birds (GL 04/05/06) on 25 April. The whole saga has reached such a point that there was a special one-off session for MPs on 21 May.
  2. It was no surprise that the Bábolna Bio stand at Parasitec in Budapest, 9-10 May, was among the busiest in the exhibition hall. This is home territory for this successful Hungary-based company and there was plenty to celebrate. In particular it was only at the end of March this year that one of Bábolna Bio’s most innovative rodenticides, Protect Sensation, received authorisation in its home territory.
  3. On the ICB Pharma stand at Parasitec in Budapest 9-10 May 2019, Provecta, an ingenious product that controls flying and crawling insects through physical action, attracted plenty of interest. It can be used as a stand-alone product simply diluted with water or, in the jargon, as an ‘insecticide efficacy enhancer’.
  4. In alternate years to Parasitec in Paris, the organisers, PC Media publishers of the French trade magazine, N&Pi, stage an ‘away event’. The 2019 destination was the Hungarian capital, Budapest or more precisely Hall B of the Hungexpo, which is the largest exhibition centre in that country. The event ran over two days, Thursday 9 and Friday 10 May. Whilst with 35 exhibitors the exhibition was small compared to its big brother in Paris, most exhibitors were happy with the quality of visitors and felt that a central European event was worthwhile.
  5. The thirst for knowledge among central and eastern Europe’s pest professionals is, if anything, higher than their western counterparts. The technical presentations at Parasitec in Budapest attracted plenty of interest. The event fielded a full programme of presentations, concentrating on stinging and biting insect management.