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  1. The Government of Jersey is introducing rodenticide stewardship covering the sale and use of professional rodenticides, modelled on the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use UK’s regime. Jersey’s Growth, Housing & Environment department has announced that stewardship point-of-sale competence checks will be introduced on 18 July next year, with CRRU assisting towards this. Jersey authorities have […]
  2. Pest controllers are being reminded to use up any stocks of Ficam D with old labels, displaying HSE 4829, by 25 July 2019. The popular insecticide Ficam® D (UK-2018-1136), used for over 95% of wasp nest treatments, was re-approved with a new label earlier this year. It was approved with the caveat that Ficam® D […]
  3. The National Bee Unit has confirmed a sighting of an individual, female Asian hornet in New Milton, Hampshire, after it was reported by a member of the public. Monitoring is underway to detect any other Asian hornets in the vicinity. Identifying an Asian Hornet Asian hornets have a dark brown or black velvety body. They […]
  4. PCN is able to share a short communication article ‘House Fly Trap Height Placement’ to provide advice ahead of anticipated peaks in fly activity during the upcoming warmer months. By: Joseph Diclaro, Phil Koehler, and Roberto Pereira. Entomology and Nematology Department, University of Florida. A social benefit of being an Entomologist is that people always […]
  5. You won’t find any beaver jokes in Pest Control News because we are too dam professional for that. On the 1st May it was announced that beavers are a protected species in Scotland. This instalment of ‘know your friend’ reminds readers about the reintroduction of beavers into Scotland, the biology behaviour and impacts of this […]