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  1. Exciting Opportunity in Frontier Economy Javelin Services Ltd (JSL) is a privately owned business that introduced British standards of pest control to Myanmar just 3 years ago and now has over 100 employees and is the leading pest control company in the country. The British Founders of JSL now seek an ambitious highly motivated individual […]
  2. Certain licences for bird management were renewed (class licences by Natural England and general licences by DEFRA) as of 1st January 2020. Notable renewals, relevant to public health pest controllers, for 2020 are: Class licences (Natural England) Birds: licence to catch them on food premises (CL03) Birds: licence to kill or take them for air […]
  3. Following on from the last announcement, please see below the important dates regarding the withdrawal timeframe for Bayer’s Ficam W. 8th June 2020 is the last date for sale and supply. 10th December 2020 is the last date for storage, use and disposal. These dates are explained as follows. The Ficam W withdrawal was issued […]
  4. It is understandable to be crestfallen at news of the upcoming withdrawal of the extremely important insecticide, Ficam® W (dates to be confirmed), but could this be the bolt from the blue that benefits the pest control industry? To use a famous quote ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, the unfolding situation may stimulate and […]