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  1. Additional biosecurity measures when sending rat and mouse tail samples for rodenticide resistance testing have been introduced. Farmers, gamekeepers and pest controllers are asked to follow new packaging guidance here. Two main changes are to double-bag the samples and include a UN3373 label, which can be downloaded from the website, on outer packaging. This free […]
  2. With industry events, conferences and meetings across the UK cancelled, PROMPT has taken the decision to relax its CPD requirements for Register members. Stephen Jacob, PROMPT CEO, explains that ordinarily members are annually required to collect a set number of CPD points before the points-year ends on 31st December. “Events are typically a focal point […]
  3. The new online Killgerm Training has proven to be a great success since its launch in April, coming soon after the UK was put into lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Killgerm Training, a successful arm of the Killgerm Group of companies, was one of many face-to-face training providers that was affected by the global […]
  4. No UK products authorised for control of wood mice Users of rodenticides covered by the UK stewardship regime are reminded that no product is authorised for control of wood mice (Apodemus sylvaticus), also known as long tailed field mice. This arises from an alert to the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use complaints procedure. On grounds […]