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  1. With meteorological records being broken across continental Europe, Finnish experts say that the country has experienced its hottest July on record, with one town experiencing heat of 33.7 Celsius (92.6 Fahrenheit). The heat means that mosquitoes, often the bane of Finnish summers, have virtually disappeared from some areas. According to the University of Lapland’s Dr Jukka Salmela, the […]
  2. Killgerm’s technical team were recently asked to provide an update on public health pest control for the Edinburgh City Council pest control team. The pest control unit recognises that refreshing their knowledge of pest biology and behaviour, as well as understanding the latest changes to legislation and innovations in treatment methods, is vitally important when […]
  3. The Government is planning to allow a further year for the replacement of stoat traps, following fierce lobbying by the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation (NGO) and other countryside bodies. The news emerged in a notification made by Defra to the European Commission, which oversees Member States’ implementation of the Agreement on Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS). The […]
  4. A new set of information materials supporting effective and responsible rodenticide use has been published by UK Rodenticide Stewardship and is available free of charge to all users. Topics are: Exposure of wildlife to rodenticides; Direct bait application in burrows; Environmental risk assessments; and Changes to classifications and pack sizes. Each one includes detailed notes […]
  5. Risk Assessments are required in all working situations and pest control presents unique challenges as technicians have to work in a very wide variety of potentially hazardous sites and with products that could cause significant damage to people and the environment. The pest control technician therefore has to have an in-depth understanding of the Hazards […]