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  1. Congratulations to Sabra and Julia! We would like to congratulate Sabra Everett, Marketing and Public Affairs director of Killgerm and Chair of National Pest Control Association, and Julia Pittman, Chair of the British Pest Control Association who are both nominees for the 2024 Outstanding Member Contribution List. Both Sabra and Julia are representing the pest [...]
  2. ITV’s Tonight, Britain’s most popular current affairs programme, has zeroed in on pest control in the UK – and BPCA was on hand to set out the importance of professionalism in the industry. BPCA’s Technical Manager, Natalie Bungay, travelled to Chichester earlier this month, where she took part in a series of interviews with ITV [...]
  3. Results of new independent trials have shown Advion Cockroach Gel was the fastest way to stop pest activity in domestic homes and food businesses. The practical research in premises infested with German cockroaches compared various commercially available gel formulations – with only Advion proving to stop all pest activity. Reporting the results at PestEx 2024 [...]
  4. Dr Alan Buckle, Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Reading and Chair of the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticde Use (CRRU UK) reflects with PCN on over 50 years in pest management. Alan retires from his CRRU role at the end of April 2024, with a stellar career that has shaped the pest management industry [...]
  5. The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use UK’s new chairperson is Nigel Cheeseright. Following a two-month handover from Dr Alan Buckle, who is retiring after two decades in the role, he begins a three-year term on 1 May. From 2010 to 2021 with Rentokil Initial as head of technical services then director of product development, Mr [...]